Math Menu: Introduction to Nspire

This two session series from the Mathematics Professional Learning menu will introduce secondary teachers to the NSpire CAS Handheld and teacher software and how to use them effectively in a 3-part lesson

The two sessions will be held on:
  • April 16, 2012 @ CEC Room 302 (Code 59)
  • May 1, 2012 @ CEC Room 201 (Code 59)

Day 1 Notebook File

Day 2 Notebook File

Getting Started Nspire CAS Activities

Investigating Spills (Handout and TNS file)

Getting Started Nspire CAS TNS Files
(Download the file and extract all the files)

Sine Law Activity

Quad Slider Graphing Document
(Thanks John)

TI Nspire Computer Link Software
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During 2009-10, 44 teachers attended three days of in-service. The goals for the series are to:
  • make the teachers confortable with the Nspire CAS Handheld
  • expose teachers to pre-made activities and encourage them to try them in their classes
  • learn how to use the Nspire CAS Teacher Editon Software, Nspire Computer Link Software
  • use data collections devices (CBR2, Temperature and Light Probes) to gather data and model with functions
  • develop and share activities used in their classes

Resources from Day 1:


Resources to Learn How to Use the Nspire CAS Handheld

User Guide for Nspire CAS v1,.7

Getting Started Activities


TNS File(s)
Investigating Spills

CAS in Grade 9&10

Solving Equations with Variables on both sides

Understanding Slope

Similar Figures

Unit Circles in Radians

Critical Points


  1. Read the OAME Article White Box Vs Black Box
  2. Learn more about your handheld using Learn to Earn
  3. Try a pre-made activity in your class
  4. Pick a topic that you and a partner will create an activity for.

Resources from Day 2:

Day 2 Power point

Data Collection Console

Manually Manipulating Functions with TI-Nspire

Modeling Linear Data with TI-Nspire

Modeling Quadratic Data with TI-Nspire

Modeling Sinusoidal Data with TI-Nspire

Match a Graph for Nspire

Activity Planning Template

  • With a partner create an Nspire activity for one of your courses
  • The activity must be ready to be presented on April 7th
  • The activity musthave a student handout sheet for the activity
  • The activity may have a pre-made Nspire (tns) file

Resources from Day 3:

Day 3 Power Point

Exit Ticket

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