Math Menu: Using Nspire CAS in your Classroom

This two day series provides teachers with some experience with opportunities to:
  • better understand how to use the Nspire CAS handheld and software
  • co-plan 3-part lessons to be used in their classes

Session Dates:

  • March 21, 2011 @ CEC Room 302 (Code 59)
  • May 17, 2011 @ CEC Room 301 (Code 59)

Session 1: Resources:

Day 1 Smart Notebook File

Investigating Spills

This grade 9 activity investigates the relationship
between diameter and circumference using a variety
of models.

Clickpad Npsire v1.7 Video Tutorials
Clickpad & Touchpad Nspire v2.1 Video Tutorials
Getting Strated Guide for Clickpad Nspire v1.7

Getting Started Guide for Clickpad & Touchpad v2.1

Nspire CAS Clickpad & Touchpad OS v2.1
(Use Computer Link or Connect to Class Transfer
to install on Handhelds)

Nspire CAS OS v2.1 Release Notes

Touchpad Nspire CAS v2.1 Primer
(Thanks Sean Bird)

Adapter to attach CBR2 to computer or Smartboard

Mini USB Adapter (P/N Mini-USB) $6.00

Lesson Planning Resources:

Summary of 3-Part Lessons from CBLP

Blank TIPS 2.0 Template

Session 2 Resources:

Day 2 Powerpoint

Version 3 Release Notes

DataQuest App Quick Reference

Web Sites for Getting Started

TI Math
Math Nspired
Activities Exchange
Nspire Tutorials

Co-planned lessons:

Lesson Title
Derivatives of Sine and Cosine

Costi P.
Amy W.
Mimi H.
Scatter Plots & Lines of Best Fit

Lucy P.
Celeste S.
Terra M.

Page last updated on May 16, 2011