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Steve Arnold Web Site
Paul Alves Web Site
Russell Gordon's Web Site
Tom Reardon's Web Site
Nelson Sousa's Web Site
Nevile Hopley's Geometry Site
Sean Bird's Site
Google Group File Depository
(Thanks Sean Bird)

Getting Started with Nspire CAS

Scavenger Hunt

Nspire CAS v1.7 User Guide

Nspire CAS Primer from Sean Bird and Tom Reardon

Video Tutorials

These short videos describe how to do various tasks on the Nspire Clickpad, Touchpad and CX models
Atomic Learning Videos
Media Math Videos

CAS Articles from OAME Gazette

OAME Issue
Sep 2005

Sep 2006

Dec 2006

Mar 2007

Grade 10 Applied TIPS4RM Resources using Nspire CAS

Unit 3 Equations of Lines

Unit 4 Systems of Equations

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