January 10, 2013 Nspire Session

Projectile Motion

Distance from Point to a Line

Sine Law

TI Activity Exchange: http://education.ti.com/calculators/downloads/US/Activities/

Math Nspired: http://education.ti.com/calculators/timathnspired/

Cool Resources:

NBC Learn Video from Katherine
Exponential lesson for MCF3M
from Nancy

Exponential Functions from Rocco

TI Nspire YouTube Channel (UK)
Video Intro to CBR2 and DataQuest App
(Thanks Sean Bird)

Inspire: Investigating a, h, and k

Thanks Nancy (Ambrozic)

Resources Shared on April 5th

TVM Solver on Nspire (Thanks Jeremy/Katherine)
- For calculating Compound Interest

Role of a, h and k in Quadratics (MCF3M) - Thanks Iona

Exponential Introduction (Thanks, Mark and Duncan)

NASA Math Resources:
Earth Math

Remote Sensing Math

iPads in the Math Classroom

Desmos online graphing calculator (www.desmos.com)
- linear, quadratic, linear systems, trig functions

Web Sites:
21st Century Fluency Project (fluency21.com)
TeachThought (www.teachthought.com)
Linked In: iPads in Education Group

Math Apps:
Nspire CAS App. ($30)
Vernier video physics ($5)
Wolfram Alpha ($2)
My Script Calculator (free)
Sketch2Graph (free)
Sketch Explorer (free)

Useful Apps:
Smart notebook ($7)
DropBox (free)
GoogleDrive (free)
CloudOn (free)
iBooks (store PDF documents on your tablet)
Puffin Browser ($3) allows iPads to run Flash like CLIPS
EverNote (free) allows you to clip web sites, documents and quickly search for key words

Presentation Apps: (Need WiFi)
AirServer ($15 for computer software that uses AirPlay)
SplashTop2 ($2)
Doceri - remotely control computer from tablet ($30)
Near pod - send presentations to iOS devices (free)

Presentation Tools:
- iPad VGA adapter ($30)
-iPad HDMI adapter ($30)

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